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THE 4 C's... and what's really relevant about them

Color - The letter grades don't really tell you which color it is, but rather how much color is in it.  Usually they are measuring the amount of yellow.  Generally, less color is better.   Most sales in our region are in the "F" to "J" range.

Cut - This is really important in how much "life" your diamond has - or how much it sparkles.  It's also the hardest of the 4-C's to grasp.  How well a diamond is cut usually comes down to angles and proportions.  The arrows on the images here show how the angles can affect light flow. You can have a diamond with the best color and best clartiy, but if the cut is lacking, your diamond probably will be too.

Clarity - clarity is rarity.  The higher the clarity is, the more rare it is.  With grades of SI1 and higher, you will not see visible inclusions without magnification.  This is usually true with SI2 also, but there are exceptions.  Most diamonds sold in our market range from VS2 to I1.

Carat - Diamond weight is somewhat self-explanatory.  Jewelers often talk in terms of "points".  We'll say, "This is an 84 pointer," which means it is 84% of a carat (0.84 ct). 

While all grades are important, the trick is in finding the right blend of each.  That's where we come in, knowing what you need to have a great looking diamond and stay within a budget.  

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