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Diamond By Appt is a cross between online shopping & a traditional 'brick and mortar' store.

  • Low overhead allows more competitive pricing than a traditional store. 

  • Personal face-to-face service provides confidence you won't get with online sources.

  • See and feel our product quality before committing to a purchase, rather than just pictures.

  • Often open Mondays & Fridays for walk-ins.  Appts are recommended when shopping for new jewelry. 

Most buyers fall into one of these categories...
  • You know exactly what you want.  Share it with us and we can get you a free estimate.  Click on the Contact tab and let's get rolling.
  • The picture is still in your head.  Click Contact & we'll set up a free appointment to put it on paper.  
  • You have a goal (engagement, gift, etc.) but want to see styles.  Start by browsing our Rings & Things tab and see if something catches your eye.  You can also set up a free appointment to view styles in whatever category you're seeking.
Email, phone or text 715-845-4227,
message us through social media such as facebook or hangouts. 
Our first in-person consultation is always free.


Company owner, Mark McKinley, started in retail jewelry over 30 years ago in 1987.   Mark became an owner of Val Kryshak Jewelers in 1996, then began doing business as The Diamond Showcase in 2007.  In the beginning of 2020, that business transitioned to Diamond By Appt, LLC.  

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Staff of The Diamond Showcase


More historical pictures coming soon.

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